Handcrafted TIG Italian bicycle frames founded by Stelio Belletti. Steel, titanium, custom, made to measure frames.

Stelbel’s revival started with a simple premise: stay true to the past. The brand’s most iconic characteristics have inspired this new generation of frames, and we treasure the values that Stelio Belletti has always followed. We will continue to experiment and innovate and with the ambition to improve. All of our frames are handmade in Italy by skilled Italian craftsmen, tailored exclusively to the customer’s needs and custom built to order. We work hard and invest a lot of time in ensuring that we live up to expectations. And of course, we aim to build the best possible product, whose quality is controlled throughout the process of construction and finish. We also aspire to honour the great Italian frame-building tradition, and perhaps one day we’d like to think that we played a role in returning it to its former glory.