Stelbel Road Bike

€3.000,00 EUR

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Models: Rodano, SB/03, Antenore, SB/04, Ti9

The Rodano is our endurance model. Combined with disc brakes and with increased tire clearance, the inherent comfort and stability is improved. A fantastic ride quality has always been the great strength of the Rodano. It is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the saddle and love the ride feel that only steel can offer.

Our flagship racing frame evolves into its fourth generation. Stelbel SB/04 represents the perfect blend of Italian artisanal tradition embracing new technologies. Through the adoption of 3D printing, we have created a more high-performing frame that remains faithful to the brand's historical design principles, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience.

The Antenore Disc is designed to amaze. The tailor made design combined with the precious custom Columbus stainless steel XCr tubing and the safety of disc brakes help make this project truly special. It is for those in search of an exclusive product, blending artisan techniques and signature performance improved even further in its 3rd Generation.

The Ti9 Disc version of our first model to be made out of Grade 9 - 3Al 2.5V titanium. A project that benefits from our long experience with manufacturing metal frames. Designed to guarantee first class performance, made with pride in Italy and exclusively tailor made.