A True ALL ROAD Machine - ONE bike to rule them all.

The bike industry and their marketing engine wants to push you for one more bike and make you to believe that there is no ONE bike that can do it all.  But we do not fall into marketing traps and the proof is here - TIME ADHX ALL ROAD MACHINE.

Santeri, a good customer of ours had previously ridden a traditional road bike and fell in love with the freedom and emotions that cycling brings. But soon he found himself wondering that if he only could have one bike, would it be Road or Gravel? This is probably the most common question and decision a recreational and enthusiast cyclist faces today.

We are glad that Santeri came to us with this question and from previous interactions we knew that he appreciates quality and durability. 

Our answer: TIME ADHX. Yes, you can have the cake and eat it. 

The specific geometry, construction and design of the TIME ADHX will allow the rider to use the TIME ADHX with ease in a wide spectrum of surfaces. With a tyre clearance of up to 38mm, it can accommodate a proper size gravel tyre without compromising speed and handling on the road. This specific design will allow the rider to have the closest road bike feeling and handling with a wider tyre capacity.

We kept the build simple and efficient so it will fit his budget and requirements. The shifting is precise and easy with Sram AXS Force 2X to cover all on-road and off-road possibilities. We proposed HUNT wheels for high performance at a relatively low cost. One of the most important parts for this particular build are the tyres, Santeri opted for a 32mm tyre from Veloflex that is fast and grippy and will manage with ease some gravel and imperfect road surfaces. The finishing kit comes from Deda Elementi for an elegant and functional finish. Fizik Antares 3D printed saddle and Fizik bar tape are the cherry on top of the cake.

No doubt, you should get in touch with us for your next dream Road/Gravel bike.

Sergio Bolivar